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Our story

The building that today houses the Balasso Refuge was born as an electric war cabin in 1915, to supply energy to the troops operating on the Pasubio front.

With the name La Sengiara it was then used as a base for the Mountaineering School of the Vicenza section of the Italian Alpine Club until after World War II, a period in which it was expanded on several occasions by the Società degli Alpinisti Vicentini with the aim of an alpine refuge, undergoing various interventions up to the current state.

After the last intervention carried out in 1981 for the construction of underground toilets, the has remained almost unchanged until the present day.

Since 2013, after the expansion works, the shelter also has accommodation, distributed in 4 rooms and in 2014 obtained the new name of Balasso Inn. At present it is a meeting place for the mountaineers, and it is also a point of support for the Alpine Rescue Section.

Camper Area

An equipped area, a few tens of meters from our restaurant

Consorzio Turistico

Rifugio Balasso joins the Pasubio Piccole Dolomiti consortium, which enhances the territory of mountain municipalities

Pasubio Piccole Dolomiti
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